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2016 Volume 20.1

Editorial comment

Recent changes in urban morphology


The epistemology of urban morphology
B. C. Scheer   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 3.2MB ]

Muratorian urban morphology: the walled city of Ahmedabad
M. Maretto and N. Scardigno   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 15MB ]

The study of urban form in the Netherlands
N. Marzot, R. Cavallo and S. Komossa   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 2MB ]

A double urban life cycle: the case of Rome
G. Cataldi   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 10MB ]


Johannes Fritz and the origins of urban morphology A. Simms

Muratori or Rossi? A Chinese perspective H. Deng

Does the typological process help to build a sense of place D. Gokce and F. Chen

The study of urban form and disasters: an opportunity for risk reduction M. Montejano-Castillo

Urban morphology and energy: progress and prospects M. Silva, V. Oliveira and V. Leal

[Viewpoints, PDF ]


Second International Seminar on Urban Spaces, Krakow, 2015 A. A. Kantarek

First Symposium of the Turkish Network of Urban Morphology, Mersin, 2015 T. Ünlü

Twenty-Second International Seminar on Urban Form, Rome, 2015 H. Neis

ISUF business meetings, 2015 S. M. Whitehand

[Reports, PDF ]

Book reviews

F. Wu (2015) Planning for growth: urban and regional planning in China F. Song, L. Ningting and Y. Dai

A-M. Châtelet, M. Denès and C. Mazzoni (2014) La ville parfaitement imparfaite P. Gauthier

G. Strappa (2014) L’architettura come processo: il mondo plastico murario in divenire F. Dufaux

A. Simms and H. B. Clarke (eds) (2015) Lords and towns in medieval Europe: the European Historic Towns Atlas Project C. M. Hewitt

A. M. Ramos (2011) El efecto Cerdà. Ensanches mayores y menores S. P. Fernandes

[Book reviews, PDF ]

Book notes

[Book notes, PDF ]

Notes and notices

- Meeting of the Council of ISUF

- ISUF Conference 2016

- ISUF 2017: City and territory in a global era

- Journal of Space Syntax

- Journal of Urbanism

- Second PNUM Workshop

- Cutting into the substance of urban form

- Understanding historic towns