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2010 Volume 14.2

Editorial comment

The problem of separate worlds


The persistence of suburban centres in Greater London: combining Conzenian and space syntax approaches
S. Griffiths, C.E. Jones, L. Vaughan and M. Haklay   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 23MB]

Planted towns and territorial organization: the morphology of a settlement process in Brazil
R.L. Rego and K.S. Meneguetti   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 4MB]

The study of urban form in Poland
M. Koter and M. Kulesza   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 1MB]

Review article: The ordinary dwellings of Paris in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
M. Darin   [Full paper, PDF, 0.1MB]


Understanding place? I. Samuels

Bridging the gap between urban morphology and urban modelling K. Stanilov

Typomorphology and public participation in China F. Chen

The development of an urban atlas of Portland H. Davis and H. Neis

[Viewpoints, PDF]


Annual Meeting of CISPUT, Artimino, Italy, 2009 G. Gallarati

Revisiting New towns of the Middle Ages K. Lilley

[Reports, PDF]

Book reviews

J. Czaplicka, N. Gelazis and B. Ruble (eds) (2009) Cities after the fall of Communism: reshaping cultural landscapes and European identity S.A. Hirt

A. Petruccioli (2007) After amnesia: learning from the Islamic Mediterranean urban fabric M. Maretto

A. Marson (2008) Architipi di territorio M. Botta

A. Almandoz (ed.) (2010) Planning Latin Americaís capital cities 1850-1950 R.L. Rego

T. Hall (2010) Planning Europeís capital cities: aspects of nineteenth-century urban development I. Morley

S. Wolfrum, W. Nerdinger and S. Schaubek (eds) (2008) Multiple city: urban concepts 1908/2008 H. Tieben

[Book reviews, PDF]

Book notes

[Book notes, PDF]

Notes and notices

- Framing the significance of historic urban landscapes

- ISUF 2011: Urban morphology and the post-carbon city

- Journal of Space Syntax

- Cutting into the substance of urban form

- Forthcoming articles in Urban Morphology