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2009 Volume 13.1

Editorial comment

Urban morphological classics?


The structure of urban landscapes: strengthening research and practice
J.W.R. Whitehand   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 7MB]

How cities internalize their former urban fringes: a cross-cultural comparison
M.P. Conzen   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 18MB]

Fabrique urbaine: a new concept in urban history and morphology
H. Noizet   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 5MB]


Urban morphology and computers 10 years on E. Koster

Fringe-belt theory and polarities-landmarks theory M. Maretto

Urban morphology, historic urban landscapes and the management of historic cities D. Rodwell

[Viewpoints, PDF]


Fifteenth International Seminar on Urban Form, Artimino, 2008 A. Sinding-Larsen

ISUF Business Meetings, Artimino, 2008 S.M. Whitehand

‘Beijing Map Games’ exhibition, Birmingham D. Adams

[Reports, PDF]

Book reviews

D.L.A. Gordon (ed.) (2006) Planning twentieth century capital cities M.A. L’Heureux

S. Foxell (2007) Mapping London I. Morley

R. Kargon and A. Molella (2008) Invented Edens: techno-cities of the twentieth century N.A. Salingaros

[Book reviews, PDF]

Notes and notices

- AESOP 2009

- Sixteenth International Seminar on Urban Form

- ISUF 2009: Excursions in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong

- Elections to the Council of ISUF

- Meetings of the Council of ISUF

- The Codes Project

- Revitalizing built environments

- Seventh International Space Syntax Symposium

- Change of Book Review Editor