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2008 Volume 12.2

Editorial comment

Taking a world view


The form-based development plan: bridging the gap between theory and practice in urban morphology
T. Hall   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 36MB]

Residential building types as an evolutionary process: the Guangzhou area, China
K. Gu, Y. Tian, J.W.R. Whitehand and S.M. Whitehand   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 43MB]

City fortifications and the form of European cities, with special reference to Croatia
D. Krajnik, M.O. Šćitaroci and B.B.O. Šćitaroci   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 41MB]

Review article: Retrieving the pre-industrial built environments of Europe: the Historic Towns Atlas programme and comparative morphological study
M.P. Conzen   [Full paper, PDF, 14MB]


Typomorphology and the crisis of Chinese cities F. Chen

M.R.G. Conzen and Japanese castle towns S. Satoh

Unloved places: an overlooked opportunity for urban morphology J. Lamb

Urban morphological practice: an example from Brazil S. de A. Pereira Costa and M.C. Maciel

Urban morphology and urban design B.C. Scheer

[Viewpoints, PDF]


President’s Report G.L. Maffei

Thirteenth International Planning History Conference, Chicago I. Morley

Gianfranco Caniggia Conference, Rome G. Strappa

Heritage in Reconstruction / Heritage of Reconstruction Workshop, Birmingham A. Sinding-Larsen

[Reports, PDF]

Book reviews

C. Bernhardt et al. (eds) (2005) Geschichte der Planung des öffentlichen Raums H.-W. Wehling

M. Fernandes (2005) Urbanismo e morfologia urbana no Norte de Portugal V. Oliveira

F. Jensen (2007) The English semi-detached house P.J. Larkham

J.C. Teaford (2008) The American suburb P. Gaubatz

[Book reviews, PDF]

Book notes

[Book notes, PDF]

Notes and notices

- Neighbourhood

- Journal of Urbanism

- Historic urban landscapes

- Change of Treasurer

- Sustainable development and planning

- Sixteenth International Seminar on Urban Form