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2005 Volume 9.1

Editorial comment

Overcoming anglophone squint


Mapping and analysing medieval built form using GPS and GIS
K. Lilley, C. Lloyd, S. Trick and C. Graham   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF]

Fire alleys in Finnish urban design
M. Kirjakka   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF]

Urban morphology as a basis for urban design: the project for the Isola dei Cantieri in Chioggia
M. Maretto   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF]

Review article: Rebuilding patterns: four books on urban reconstruction
J. Nasr   [Full paper, PDF]


Urban sustainability and the ground rules that govern urban space T. Marat-Mendes and E. Scoffham

Dialectical pairs in urban research: some epistemological issues G. Cataldi

Typological analysis and hermeneutics in the Conzenian and Caniggian schools: overlaps and differences N. Marzot

New orientations in urban morphology A. Levy

Book reviews

G. Strappa, M. Ieva and M.A. Dimatteo (2003) La cittÓ come organismo B. Vecchio

C. Gates (2003) Ancient cities D. Favro

G. JivŔn (2003) Stadens morfologi som kulturarv E. B°rrud

R. Krier (2003) Town spaces I. Samuels

A. Kelman (2003) A river and its city; P.F. Lewis (2003) New Orleans E. Sandweiss

N.S. Seasholes (2003) Gaining ground C. Maumi

J.R. Passonneau (2004) Washington through two centuries A.K. Knowles

M. Wehdorn (2004) Vienna: the historical centre M. Boeckl

B. Gauthiez (2003) Espace urbain vocabulaire et morphologie S. Olson

Book notes

Notes and notices

- Change of Book Review Editor

- ISUF Symposium 2005

- Urban morphology and urban design

- Built Environment

- Elections to the Council of ISUF

- Characterization