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2004 Volume 8.2

Editorial comment

Linking disciplines: typological process and spatial process


The history of urban morphology
B. Gauthiez   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF]

The restructuring of Bulgarian towns at the end of the nineteenth century
K. Stanilov and V. Donchev   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF]

Review article: Can there be a joint venture between urban history and urban morphology?
S. Malfroy   [Full paper, PDF]


Joan Vilagrasa


ISUF at the Thirtieth International Geographical Congress, Glasgow G. Jivén

IGC Symposium in Urban Morphology, Newcastle upon Tyne L. Evenden

ISUF Council Meetings, 2004 P.J. Larkham

Book reviews

H. Tangires (2003) Public markets and civic culture in nineteenth-century America M. Sernoff

R. Rodger (2001) The transformation of Edinburgh G. Gordon

J.R. Soraluce Blond (2001) Arquitectura de la casa Cubana J.L. Scarpaci, Jr

M. Roncayolo (2002) Lectures de villes A. Levy

H. Mortada (2003) Traditional Islamic principles of built environment E. Wirth

V. Prakash (2002) Chandigarh’s Le Corbusier Z. Çelik

J.M. Lupala (2002) Urban types in rapidly urbanising cities G. Anyumba

M. Southworth and E. Ben-Joseph (2003) Streets and the shaping of towns and cities A.V. Moudon

T. Ito (2003) Toshi-no-kuukanshi K. Ugawa

D. Parrish (ed.) (2001) Urbanism in Western Asia Minor E. Fentress

J. Piekalski (2001) Von Köln nach Krakau A. Simms

L.R. Ford (2003) America’s new downtowns J. Lafrenz

J.W. Cody (2003) Exporting American architecture; J.L. Nasr and M.Volait (eds) (2003) Urbanism – imported or exported? L.R. Ford

Book notes

Notes and notices

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- Prairie Urbanism

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