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2003 Volume 7.1

Editorial comment

How international is Urban Morphology?


Urban landscape regions and conservation: new approaches and problems in Antequerra, Málaga Province, Spain
M. Barke   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF]

From Muratori to Caniggia: the origins and development of the Italian school of design typology
G. Cataldi   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF]


Cartography in urban design G. Motta and A. Pizzigoni

Multi-scale cartographic systems and morphology E.A. Koster

Urban morphology in the Italian tradition of geographical studies M.L. Sturani and B. Vecchio

International comparisons: putting precept into practice K.-J. Kim

Sustainability and urban morphology K. Stanilov

The challenge of ethnoscapes N. Nasser

Disciplinary Delilahs K.S. Kropf


President's report 2002 A.V. Moudon

The urban and peri-urban environment M.I.W. Hopkins

Book reviews

R.G. Knapp (2000) China's old dwellings C.L. Salter

J.C. Bigott (2001) From cottage to bungalow R. Harris

J.W.R. Whitehand and C.M.H. Carr (2001) Twentieth-century suburbs J.R. Gold

D.M. Scobey (2002) Empire city P.G. Goheen

E. Sandweiss (2001) St Louis T.R. Slater

I. Bentley (2000) Urban transformations K. Stanilov

R.E. Veselka (2000) The courthouse square in Texas T.L. Schmiedeler

F. Lipsky (1999) San Francisco M.P. Conzen

E. Lichtenberger (2002) Die Stadt B. Hofmeister

A. Almandoz (2002) Planning Latin American capital cities G. Butina Watson

G.L. Maffei (2002) Città di fondazione romana A.B. Menghini

E.A. Koster (2001) Stadsmorfologie P. Alkhoven

A. Erdentug and F. Colombijn (2002) Urban ethnic encounters N. Nasser

Notes and notices

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- Islam and built form

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