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2000 Volume 4.1

Editorial comment

From explanation to prescription


French belt boulevards
M. Darin   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF]

A new world from two old ones: the evolution of Montreal's tenements, 1850-1892
F. Dufaux   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF]


James E. Vance Jr

Paolo Maretto


Geometry and medieval town planning: a contribution to the discussion W. Boerefijn

The form of the informational city F. Gaja i Díaz

How morphology can improve development plans T. Hall

Urban morphology in practice L. Thomas


Urban Morphology at the Royal Geographical Society K.D. Lilley

Annual meeting of CISPUT A. Merlo

Book reviews

A. Petruccioli (1998) Rethinking the nineteenth century city W. McClure

P.G. Rowe (1999) Civic realism M. Çetin

G. Giovannoni (1998) L'urbanisme face aux villes anciennes J.-M. Roux

A. Saint et al. (1999) London suburbs P.J. Larkham

Notes and notices

- M.R.G. Conzen

- Twenty-five years of the Urban Morphology Research Group

- ISUF 1999: Proceedings

- European Cities: Networks and Crossroads

- ISUF commissions and working parties

- ISUF 2001

- Centre-Periphery-Globalization, Past and Present

- Urban Morphology and Britain's first open air museum

- Meeting of the Council of ISUF

- Non-Western conservation

- The end of Tradition?

- Notes for the guidance of contributors to Urban Morphology