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1999 Volume 3.1

Editorial comment

A century of urban morphology?


Versailles as an urban model: new court-towns in Germany circa 1700
G. Fehl   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF]

The morphological history of Istanbul
A.S. Kubat   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF]


The philosophical foundations of urban morphology P.G. Gerosa

Wandering around the foundations: on Cassirer, signs, Peirce and chance K.S. Kropf

Paolo Maretto's contribution to the Muratorian school G. Cataldi, G.L. Maffei, and P. Vaccaro

Organicism, evolution and urban form, on the problem of borrowing from other disciplines P.J. Larkham

How we view cities K.C. Lee


A letter from the President of ISUF to M.R.G. Conzen A.V. Moudon

Cities in Europe – places and institutions T. Scrase

Towards ISUF 1999: Sixth Annual Conference of CISPUT N. Marzot

Fifth International DOCOMOMO Conference D. Whitham

Book reviews

J.R. Gold (1997) The experience of modernism B. Marchand

P.G. Gerosa (1992) Un Microterritorio alpino N. Marzot

R. López de Lucio and A.Hernández-Aja (1996) Los nuevos ensanches de Madrid F. Gaja i Díaz

P. Groth and T.W. Bressi (eds)(1997) Understanding ordinary landscapes M.P. Conzen

W. Nolan and A. Simms (eds)(1998) Irish towns: a guide to sources A. McQuillan

Notes and notices

- ISUF 1997: Asian Cities

- ISUF 1999

- ISUF business meetings

- Centre-Periphery-Globalization

- Elections to the Council of ISUF

- From city to urban civilization

- Editorial team of Urban Morphology

- MA in Urban Morphology

- Epilogue