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1998 Volume 2.2

Editorial comment

After Versailles


The study of urban form in France
M. Darin   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF]

Taking measures across the medieval landscape: aspects of urban design before the Renaissance
K.D. Lilley   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF]

Authoritarian townscapes and laissez-faire change: understanding central Potsdam's built form
K. Arntz   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF]


Space syntax as a research programme B. Hillier and J. Hanson

Gianfranco Caniggia: ten years after G. Strappa

Geographical urban morphology in Germany K. Arntz

Apropos a sounder philosophical basis for urban morphology M.R.G. Conzen


The 1998 ISUF Seminar I. Samuels

ISUF business meetings K.S. Kropf

International Medieval Congress K.D. Lilley

Tenth International Conference of Historical Geographers M.P. Conzen

Book reviews

Y. Takakashi, N. Yoshida, M. Miyamoto and T. Ito (eds) (1993) Zushuu Nohontoshishi S. Asano

G. Caniggia (G.L. Maffei, ed.) (1997) Ragionamenti di tipologia S. Malfroy

M. Körner (director) (1997) Historischer Städteatlas der Schweiz A. Simms

T. Hall (1997) Planning Europe's capital cities G. Fehl

C. de Seta (ed.) (1996) Citta d'Europa P.G. Gerosa

Notes and notices

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