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1998 Volume 2.1

Editorial comment

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Urban Morphology and computers
E. Koster   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF]

Urban form and innovation: the case of Cologne
G. Curdes   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF]

The study of urban form in Spain
J. Vilagrasa Ibarz   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF]


Facing up to evolution K.S. Kropf

On the question of organicist metaphors S. Malfroy

The history of urban morphology I. Samuels

Camillo Sitte and urban design in the twenty-first century J. Tatom

ISUF and urban morphology: a japanese view S. Asano

The role of history in Conzen's and Caniggia's approaches to urban morphology N. Marzot


Assessment and prospect: President's Report A.V. Moudon

General Meeting of ISUF

The historic town centre at the end of the twentieth century: a European perspective I. Samuels

The contextual groundplan survey of medieval Zürich M. Peters and R. Becht

The courtyard house in the urban fabric K.S. Kropf

Space syntax: first international symposium M.D. Major

ISUF 1997 J. Nasr

Setting new agendas for urban morphology? S. Marshall and R. Mabbitt

Urban morphology exposed K. Arntz

Fifth Annual Conference of CISPUT G. Cataldi

Book reviews

M. Roncayolo (1996) Les grammaires d'une ville (1996) Marseille M. Darin

G. Curdes and M. Ulrich (1997) Die Entwicklung des Kölner Stadtraumes H. Meynen

B. Hillier (1996) Space is the machine K.S. Kropf

Notes and notices

- GIS and image processing in urban morphology

- The city after Patrick Geddes

- The twentieth century planning experience

- Ville Recherche Diffusion

- International Planning History Society

- Cities in Europe

- ISUF 1999