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1997 Volume 1

Editorial comment

Why Urban Morphology?


Urban Morphology as an emerging interdisciplinary field
A.V. Moudon   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF]

The morphological transformation of Japanese castle-town cities
S. Satoh   {+}Abstract  [Full paper, PDF]

The evolution of block size and form in North American and Australian city centres
A. Siksna   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF]

Residential building types in Italy before 1930: the significance of local typological processes
M.G. Corsini   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF]


The Caniggian school G. Cataldi, G.L. Maffei, P. Vaccaro; S. Malfroy; A. Levy; G. Cataldi; K.S. Kropf

New urban design journals J. Tatom; P.J. Larkham

A multilingual glossary of urban form J. Nasr



ISUF 1996 K.S. Kropf

Paesaggio Urbano N. Marzot

Book reviews

Noto, P. Hofer (1996) H. Helfenstein

Stadt-Umbau, G. Fehl and J. Rodrķguez-Lores (eds)(1995) K. Thieme

Paris de faubourgs, J. Lucan (ed) (1996) M. Darin

Notes and notices

- Plus ēa change...

- International conferences of the IPHS

- Proceedings of the International Seminar on Urban Morphology, 1995

- Ville Recherche Diffusion

- ISUF 1997

- Resource for Urban Design Information

- International Center for the Study of Urban and Regional Evolution

- Urban Morphology Interest Group

- The Morphology of the European City